Below are answers to some of the common questions students have about our class:

Be sure to read these before emailing and asking these same questions

Q: Can I change my jump date or class section date?

A: First, before you register for any session, be sure to check your academic schedule and assure that you can attend each of these classes and have the available room to add one credit hour. If you miss even a single class or even a portion of the class, you will fail this class, no matter what the reason. We understand that things happen which may cause you to need to make a change to your jump date or even your class dates. The deadline for registration as stated on this website for your class is also the deadline for changing any class or jump dates. After this deadline listed on this website, changes cannot be made. Please do not request changes after registration is closed.

Q: How often does this class meet?

A: Our class will meet for 3-hours per session and three sessions during a single week on campus. This will be followed by a Saturday or Sunday trip to the skydiving center. Plan on this field trip being an all-day event.  Details regarding the location of the skydiving center will be provided during class.

Q: Which day will we jump?

A: You can pick any day associated with your class session. It is up to your preference, however each jump day is limited to 50 students per day. Once the jump day is maxed-out, jump date reservations will be restricted to other available dates. Early registration is the best method for reserving your preferred jump date. Be sure to retain the email you receive so you can remember which day you picked.

Q: Can I wear my GoPro camera?

A: No. Unfortunately, your complete and undivided attention must be given to the activities we are performing and filming yourself constitutes a distraction. Additionally, USPA recommendations indicate a jumper must have 200 skydives before attempting video for themselves or someone else.

Q: Will my scholarship cover this class and jump cost?

A: No. This is a free elective from the University, so there are no University fees to be paid. Since the skydive itself is optional, the cost does not apply to tuition fees.

Q: Do I get to jump with my own parachute?

A: YES! This class utilizes the AFF (Accelerated Freefall) skydive training technique. After completing all classroom training, you will board the plane complete with your own parachute system (which is provided at no additional cost to you by the skydiving center) and two instructors. For more details, please visit our page devoted to the AFF method.

Q: I’m in! How do I register?

A: Students cannot register for this class through the University website. If you would like to register please select one of the sessions in the navigation bar above on this website. Once your deposit is made, you will receive a Course Enrollment Form that must be taken to your advisor as soon as possible to complete registration. If your schedule is already full, you will be required to receive special permission by the University to take more than a full schedule. If you have a time conflict, but can still attend this class on time, you will be required to get special permission. If you register AFTER the University registration deadline, the University may require you to pay a late registration fee in addition to this class and skydiving cost.

Q: How do I pay for the class?

A: A $60 non-refundable deposit is required in order to obtain a course enrollment form. You will be directed to this payment method after you select your jump date.

Q: How do I use my credit or debit card?

A: You will be asked to enter the information from your card into the appropriate fields on the form. Most are self explanatory, but see below for some clarification of interchangeable terms.

Q: Do I really get credit for jumping out of a plane?

A: Yes! You do NOT have to jump in order to pass the class, but you do have to attend all training sessions including the trip to the skydiving center.

Q: Where will we jump?

A: We will jump at a USPA member location.  Details and directions will be provided in class and on your University website for this class.

Q: How do we get to the skydiving center on our jump date?

A: Students will be allowed to drive themselves, and we will meet at the skydiving center as directed by your instructor in class. Once your jump is complete, you can leave at any time. If you do not have access to your own transportation, we will first try to match you up with another student to carpool with. If this is not possible, the course instructors will provide transportation. However, this does mean that you may have to stay at the skydiving center until the end of the day or until the instructor is finished with all other students and post jump activities.

Q: Can my family come to watch me?

A: Of course! Your family is welcome to meet you at the skydiving center. However, they must remain in areas designated for the general public and refrain from interrupting DZ staff members. Please note that some landing areas are some distance from the public area of the airport, so it may not be possible for your family to view your landing up close. We will also not be able to provide your family with an exact jump time, so they may have to wait quite some time until it is your turn. It will be your responsibility to manage family expectations regarding wait times for your skydive.

Q: How long will we be at the skydiving center on our jump date?

A: Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to specify a return time because that will be very much dependent on the weather and other factors affecting how quickly we will get everyone up and down. No jumps will take place after sunset

Q: Is there a weight limit?

A: Yes. The maximum weight for which we can allow participation in an AFF jump is 225 lbs. Please note: You will be asked for your weight at the time of registration. Students who fail to accurately report their weight will not be eligible for a deposit refund if their weight is later found to exceed the reported value and they wish to withdraw from the class.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: A $60 deposit is due at the time of registration, and the remaining payment ($249) must be made online at the skydiving center’s website before the second class. Digital video and pictures shot by a videographer who jumps with you are available for an additional fee. Details about these options will be discussed in class.

Q: I found a Groupon (Or other discount) online! Can I use that to get a cheaper price for my skydive in conjunction with the class?

A: Sorry, but no. The costs associated with the University skydive classes are set based on the costs associated with taking over their business and premises for the entire day and are set before the class meets. The skydiving center will not honor coupons, Groupons, or other discounts as part of this class.

Q: What if the weather (high winds, rain, or clouds) prevents us from jumping?

A: If we are unable to jump due to weather, the payment for your jump will remain on your account at the skydiving center so that you use it at a later time. We strongly encourage AFF students to return and make their jump within 30 days of their first jump course. If an AFF student cannot complete their jump within thirty days there may be an additional charge for recurrency training charge depending on how well you’ve retained the information. This is at the discretion of the skydiving center and your instructors. Unless special circumstances are discussed with the skydiving center management BEFORE the jump date, all jump purchases are nonrefundable. Requests for exceptions to this must be directed to the skydiving center and NOT to the university, your instructors, or Sky High Scholars.

Q: How do I get my license?

A: The United States Parachute Association (USPA) regulates all skydiving licenses in the US. A minimum of 25 jumps are required to get your “A” license, along with a demonstration of the basic skydiving skills and knowledge outlined on the A-license requirement card.  For more information, please visit www.USPA.org