University of Cincinnati

“[…] yes we can go around the class and state our fears and this will help us to discuss it like a philosophy class, but there is nothing that compares to the representation of breaking free of fear other than the reality of jumping out of a plane flying 14,000 feet above the ground.”

Maggie Loeffler

The Ohio State University

When the red light flashed on and the plane door opened, I focused on my excitement and the adrenaline in my veins–I never felt more alive than during those sixty seconds of freefall.   As I glided down to the ground, my breath was taken away by the sheer beauty of the world below me.  It was in those seven minutes that I finally understood how I was only a small piece of something much larger than myself, and that was surprisingly comforting.  When I landed safely back on the earth, I was greeted by high-fives, hugs and smiles from men and women I had never met before and probably would never see again.  Despite never having jumped out of a plane before, I felt like I had already been inducted into this club, a family of adrenaline junkies just like me.  Since my skydive, the whole day plays on repeat in my head, and I keep a running countdown of the next time I will have another opportunity.
Alexandra Radtke

“[…] I was very surprised that so much from this short class could be applied to the rest of my life. The lessons I’ve learned from this course as well as actually skydiving have given me the ability to deal with problems and issues relating to school and stress management.”
Eric Bloomberg

“The […] lesson that really stuck with me from this course was one personal responsibility. […] I now feel as though I am starting to take responsibility for much more in my life, whether that be my academics, my relationships with my parents and friends, and my personal development.”
Nate Lyell

“This class has also made me not want to just spend my life in front of a TV.”
Jacob Miller

“I’ve gained [the ability] to control my emotional response to dangerous or stressful situations and the new ability to think clearly under those circumstances. Having never been fully taught how to think under extreme pressure this was very helpful and has allowed me to see that I am always fully in control of my body and mind.”
Clay Raterman

“I personally don’t think I have ever initiated to partake in skydiving if this class wasn’t offered. This class not only taught me so much but gained myself a lifelong memory along with possibly starting a new hobby to start skydiving.
Delanie Wiseman

“By going skydiving it has better prepared me for what maybe thrown at me later in life. I look at life different and that I can accomplish any obstacle that is thrown at me.
Natalie Appel

“I will also take with me the impact of how much the mind controls the body, and the way you think about an event determines the outcome.
Kelly Cohen

“My skydiving experience was one that was truly life changing. It has given me a new perspective on life, and has made me reflect on how I was living and what I need to do in order to live a full, and happy life. I knew this class was going to change my life during the first classroom session. This class has taught me not to set limits for myself, and to dream big.
Bailey Creager

“I never felt anxiety. I never felt i couldn’t handle it. After that first day, it was excitement that I felt for the limits I was going to push for myself and the ramifications this was going to have. [..] When you do push your limits, and you succeed, other stresses in your life pale in comparison.
Kailey Fairchild

“[…] there I was having taken control of my life in the face of a nasty fear. In that moment, I realized that if fear couldn’t stop me from jumping from a plane at 12,000 feet into the sky, fear is never going to dictate my future life decisions.
Shannon Gardner

“1000 feet, 2000 feet, 3000 feet. I’m on a cargo plane reading my altimeter, going over the key altitudes for dive flow, trying to mentally prepare myself for the upcoming jump. I’ve never jumped out of a plane before, not even strapped to an instructor, and I’m getting ready to jump alone, 13,000 feet above the ground-and oddly, I’m not scared. The camerman asks me if I’m ready and when i confidently say ‘yes’, I actually mean it.
Caitlin Grohnke

“By completing this class and making a skydive on jump day, I pushed myself way outside of my comfort zone, but I am a stronger person because of it. I plan on using the techniques taught to me for the rest of my life. Completing the skydive successfully has given me the drive to go out and do anything I want, because I can!
Christina Longley

“Overall, this class changed the way I look at life in the best possible way. I now see everyday as an opportunity and I truly believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. I know how to manage my mind and my body in stress, from everyday work to jumping out of a plane.”
Karli Poliziani